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What distinguishes us from other clubs?

Our repertoire

The Musikverein Sandebeck e.V. plays all genres. Starting with the classical polka, marches to rock-pop, synthpop, 80s rock and NDW, no genre is foreign to us. Exemplary performers are: Martin Scharnagl, Ernst Mosch, Anderas Bourani, ABBA, Status Quo and Queen.This is how we give every Schützenfest its very own touch.

The training

Thanks to our cooperation with the Steinheim Municipal Music School, we are able to train most of the common instruments ourselves. This way we can fulfil everyone's dream of owning their own instrument. In addition, the Musikverein Sandebeck offers attractive rental models, as an instrument of one's own is usually a large investment. You are welcome to contact us about this!

The organization

Unlike other clubs, we have decided not to require a D badge to join. Consequently, anyone, whether experienced or inexperienced, can join our club. Furthermore, the Musikverein Sandebeck does not charge membership fees for active musicians. Membership for active members is therefore completely free of charge!

Send us an e-mail: vorstand@mvsandebeck.de